More than 90 metrics

HoneyTracks offers over 90 ready-to-use metrics along the monetization funnel.


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Cohort Analytics


Cohort Analysis allows you to take an in-depth look at user behavior.

Compare users acquired through one marketing channel to those acquired through another channel.

Compare metrics of new users to existing users. 
Example: Is new users’ ARPU the same as it was for existing users in their first month?

Compare metrics of users on level versus those on another level. 
Example: What is the virality and the ARPU of level 5 users compared to level 10 users?

Cross platform tracking


HoneyTracks works for:

  • Mobile
  • Web
  • Social
  • Client
  • Console

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Email reports


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Company permissions & page sharing

HoneyTracks is a solution for everyone in your company, from marketing to game designer to CEO. Decide who can see what and share your dashboards with colleagues

Affiliate access

Create accounts for your affiliates and marketing partners to provide access to key metrics like signups or revenue per campaign in order to maximize transparency.


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Unlimited custom events

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