HoneyTracks GmbH is based in Munich, Germany. The company provides a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based service for big data analysis of free-to-play online games on any platform (mobile, tablet, social, browser, client-based). The service helps optimize monetization and profitability of games. Large and small game developers and publishers from all over the world using HoneyTracks. HoneyTracks’ technology puts emphasis on the protection of privacy and data of the gamers.

Our mission is to help online game developers and companies to optimize their game and its revenues by providing a web-based games analytics solution. We track and visualize in-game data that is important for making a game a success, and provide advanced analytics such as player behavior pattern detection and cohort analysis. HoneyTracks has the capability to drill down by defining player cohorts based on multiple criteria such as sign-up date, marketing channel, and geography.

Questions? Use the website chat or email us under sales(at)honeytracks.com